Text 23 Apr Cordova, Alaska

I’ve been here (it just started to rain) a little longer (it just stopped raining) than 2 weeks. I’m a little more settled. The first few days were a little uncertin. Now I’m a bit more comfortable. Although I’m not in “my” room per say. I will be living in like a 12x12 room. Nothing but a bed, a light and a sink. Pretty bare but at a great price. FREE!!!! So I’m kinda still living out of my duffles. I feel bad because Amy spent a lot of time helping me with packing my bag, because in destroying her work. Sorry Amy :0)

The town is really small but very nice. There are mountains everywhere. When I wake up and look out the window you can’t help but feel something bigger than you. The air is so fresh. Everyone is simple up here. People wear xtra tufs, (waterproof rubber boots) Jeans, Hoodies and rain coats. Pretty simple. The food is as well very simple. But simple doesn’t mean bland. For the past 2 mornings we went to the coho(restaurant/bar) and they serve the best fucking sourdough pancakes I have every had. They smell like fresh baked pretzels and taste like they have a little bannana purée in them but they don’t. It’s just the over 50 year starter. Put some whipped butter and syrup. OMG!!!!!They taste so good. The other day we had harborside pizza. Pretty good brick oven pizza. Not bad at all. I tried SPAM for the first time a couple days ago. I really liked it. Can’t wait to try more of it. There are these crackers up here call pilot bread. They are what fisherman eat on the boats. The are like a hard cracker but taste really good. So that’s that about the food, oh and I’ve taken a liking to kool-aid. There is this Invisible grape flavor that is awesome. And it looks like water.

Right now it’s really pretty out. I’ve been writing this post all night. First a little rain. Before it was snowing and now it’s sunny. The birds are flying by. The seagulls are chirping. It’s really beautiful. The clouds are behind a mountian. It looks pretty cool.

It’s very peaceful. Bottom line.

Ta ta for now

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