Text 3 May Grateful to be ME!!!!

This post isn’t to make myself superior than anybody else. I am extremely grateful to be the person that i am. I am in debt to a few things/people. First, My parents. They were so great to me. Everybody knows that i was a handful, but one thing that my dad told me was that they (mom and dad) never gave up on me. That is one of the greatest things that they have ever done for me. The values and morals they SHOWED me is half the reason that I am who I am today. The other part is AA. AA as well SHOWED me how to life rightly and be a plain old good person. That is just one of many things AA has taught me. I am also extremely grateful for AA. 

The reason for this post is that some of the people i work with are just…… well its hard to explain. The bottom line is that, we are different. I like to think of myself as a caring person. Just an all around good dude. Also i think i forgive pretty quick. I really strive to be a good person. I know that i want to be treated good. So i try to treat others good. But i must say that i am not perfect at this by any means. This is what a strive to be. I don’t always get there. But I try real hard. So When I see people who are quite different than me, it makes me very very happy to be me. And its also makes me feel for the other person who is being treat like shit. Wheateer they deserve it or not, I still feel for them. I wouldn’t trade me for anybody else. I’m not saying that i am perfect, i’m just saying that i am ecstatic to be me. Thanks to all who have affected me. Good, Bad or Indifferent, i have taken something from everybody that i come into contact with. I think this picture sums up me…….GOOFY!!!!!! And I am proud to be ME!!!image

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